Eckert Crane Days


Eckert Crane Days was an annual festival celebrating the Spring migration of Sandhill Cranes through Fruitgrowers Reservoir in Hart’s Basin one mile east of Eckert.  It was started by Surface Creek Winery with partnership support of Black Canyon Audubon, and later with the support of the Delta County Tourism Cabinet and Braham's Inn Bed and Breakfast.

For ten years Surface Creek Winery planned and managed the festival out of its Tasting Room / Art Gallery located at the historic Odd Fellows (IOOF) building at the intersection where North Road goes east from Highway 65 to the Reservoir.  From there we held presentations, posted the previous evening’s crane count –first on our window and then on a roadside sign – and later on this website, which we also created and administered.  We designed and published limited edition posters by fantastic local artists and sold them to help pay for the costs of putting on Crane Days.

Well, things have changed.  Eckert Crane Days as we knew them are over.  We at Surface Creek Winery will be closing our doors soon and we will not be able to keep Eckert Crane Days going.  Our lease at the IOOF building ends in the middle of April of this year and we are in the process of liquidating materials, equipment and the remainders of artifacts of past Crane Days – things like limited edition Eckert Crane Days posters from past years.  So check our website for more information about the last days of Surface Creek Winery and the hours we plan on being open during March.

PLEASE CONSIDER:  Sandhill Cranes migrate through the the area from approximately March 5th through April 10th.  Check the past Crane counts pages on this website - there are six years of counts to show what kinds of flight patterns we have seen.  Weather is a big factor when cranes fly.  Their flights are not easy to predict. Cranes tend to land after 4:00 pm until sunset and lift off after 9:00 am.  - GOOD LUCK!
P.S.  We will keep some old ECD pages on line to remind those who may be interested how things used to be.   For a more complete narrative of Eckert Crane Days see my essay here (as in, Click Here)

Also, I have been told that Delta County Tourism and Black Canyon Audubon are trying to keep Eckert Crane Days going in some form – you should check out their websites to see what they have planned.

Thanks – Jim Durr